literacy & numeracy
games and activities

numbers — alphabet — word study — spelling — speech — life skills


A wide range of educational resources are available for teachers, teacher aides, parents, care-givers and support workers to assist students with learning.

The resources can be borrowed for a small donation. Contact Helen to get started.

The games and activities cover the following educational areas.

  • MATHS — Activities and small board games covering numeracy stages 0-5.
  • ALPHABET/BLENDS — Activities involving recognition, writing of alphabet and linking consonant/vowel sounds to letters.
  • ORAL LANGUAGE & SPEECH — Activities in sequencing, cause and effect and thinking skills to assist in developing speaking in sentences and expanding word knowledge.
  • SPELLING — Simple ideas to help with learning and retaining spelling words.
  • WORDSTUDY AND GRAMMAR — Activities for rhyming words, prepositions, opposites, verbs/nouns/adjectives and much more.
  • LIFE SKILLS — Covering topics such as money, cooking, keeping safe and more.
  • BOARD GAMES — A large variety of big, fun, easy to play board games with instructions covering a variety of educational aspects.


Blend and digraph package

Packet activities are available for every blend and digraph.

These involve matching words to pictures, basic sight words, crosswords, word finds, poems and cloze activities to help learners hear the sound of a blend or digraph to assist in reading and writing.

Ladybird game

This fun game helps the learner with counting to six and developing instant recognition of dice patterns.

More or less activity

This resource is to help the learner develop the understanding of more or less when making and comparing sets.

Catch a 10 star game

This game helps the learner with addition by practising adding and recognising what three numbers add to ten or above, up to eighteen.



My child, Gabriel, who has Down's Syndrome, has been able to benefit from Helen's expertise and wealth of resources for many years now.

Gabriel is working on a 'time' unit to understand analogue and digital time as part of a 'life skills' programme.

Helen is always careful to match her resources to Gabriel's particular learning need at any given time and has created many excellent tools to help him understand various concepts such as time, number, phonics and sequencing. I have witnessed Gabriel on many occasions gaining a greater understanding of a topic due to her efforts. I would highly recommend both Helen and her library of resources to any parent wishing to see their child's learning progress.


Helen has worked miracles with our son. Our son and Helen met when he had already been at school for well over a year, unable to talk, read or write.

Shiloh is using a 100 abacus to develop better understanding of 'teen' numbers and how they are formed.

They clicked and work well together. When Helen's funding from the Min of Ed, finished, as we could see progress, we approached Helen about after school help which has been a huge help in assisting our son, who can now read, talk, write, spell and work on maths activities. Helen had a way of getting inside his head and found the switch that got him motivated and moving forwards. Helen has a lot of resources that not only include various levels of reading but also other resources to suit to give the best help possible to not only our son but other children with learning disabilities. Now, that Helen has unleashed the power of speech and reading in our son, we cannot get him to be quiet. Would happily recommend Helen to anyone.


Our 15 year old daughter Dominique has Down's Syndrome. She has been a student with the Special Needs Section of Correspondence School. Helen is working with Dominique 2.5 hours each week and has done this for the last 9 years. The expertise, committment and gentle determination that is Helen’s trade mark is tempered by great warmth, humour and integrity with a capital "I".

Dominique is playing a 'small talk' language game to assist in thinking skills, formulating ideas about a topic and speaking in full sentences.

Helen's support has always extended to providing a vast array of resources, some of which she has devised herself and others modified to suit the specific needs Dominique may have in an area of the curriculum. Helen's flexibility to adapt to our child's sometimes challenging lack of motivation, is met with a constant goal to modify the approach so that the learning can still take place.


Helen offered to work with my daughter, Ella, age 6, when I borrowed her resources, to expand our home education activities. When Ella started with Helen, for two hours a week, she had barely started to read and write. Within a few months, Helen got Ella up to the 6 year old reading standard, using the reading recovery programme. I am thrilled with the progress Ella has made and would recommend Helen wholeheartedly. Her dedication, enthusiasm, experience and massive range of resources, have created huge momentum and progression. Helen is always cheerful and has the knack of getting Ella to cooperate and concentrate. Lessons are interspersed with games, rewards and stickers to keep interest high. Helen has given me so much support and encouragement, as the parent, too. Ella is well on her way to reading fluently thanks to Helen's efforts.

Ella is learning to develop early reading and writing skills and is showing interest in reading books.